An EPS blend with a tough streak

ARCEL is a high-performance, moldable foam resin consisting of 70% polystyrene (PS) and 30% polyethylene (PE). ARCEL provides the best of both polymers with its exceptional toughness, flexibility and durability in a lightweight foam.

The strength and flexibility of ARCEL creates a resilient resin able to be molded into numerous complex and intricate forms. Its lightweight construction is resistant to puncture, flaking, tearing and breaking. In addition, packaging molded with ARCEL provides superb cushioning and easy handling, while its lightweight properties help lower freight and other packaging costs.

ARCEL 730 is available in low-pentane (LV) grades for customers with strict pentane emission laws or high-density applications.

The value of ARCEL is driven by the Two Types of Packaging Failure:
  • The package designer can spend too much on cushion and cube
  • or too little.

It's hard to get just right.

Lightweight yet strong, packaging made from ARCEL resins offer a cost-effective option for custom molded resilient packaging. Applications for ARCEL resins continue to expand as molders and designers explore the many capabilities of this versatile material. Recent applications include personal computer packaging, infant car seats, automotive dunnage, marine dock bumpers and boogie boards.

Durable AND Secure packaging is desirable. Arcel reduces the cube of shipments and overall costs, eliminates real and perceived damage, and is molded by Plymouth Foam in standard EPS equipment.

It can be recycled under SPI code #6.

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